About Us

“At CFPS, we feel we can do good for the country and humanity at large by way of suggesting policy changes to our elected representatives and those in government service, and follow the path of incisive research rather than shallow sentimentalism to arrive at and drive home any point. We wish to promote a development model which is inclusive, sustainable and embedded in the principles of transparency and accountability. We believe in and wish to promote Indian national integration and national security, in broad conformity with a humanistic and global outlook.”.

– Karmanye Thadani, President

Who We Are

We are a team of young policy analysts from diverse academic backgrounds united by a passion for constructive change through democratic means.

Our mission

To promote inclusive and sustainable economic development in line with the principles of national integration and socio-economic egalitarianism.
To conceptualise and draft executive policies, legislations and delegated legislations.
To publish articles, policy briefs and research papers analysing issues of public and foreign policy including para-diplomacy initiatives pursued by state governments.
To conduct surveys to lay the groundwork for or to analyse the efficacy of the initiatives of the government.
To help create awareness vis-à-vis government campaigns and initiatives.
To engage the youth in assessing the performance and impact of policy measures undertaken by the government through student volunteer programmes.